Christopher Kimball Bio, Age, Parents, Wife, Height, Net Worth, America’s Test Kitchen and Milk Street

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Christopher Kimball Photo
Christopher Kimball Photo

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Christopher Kimball Biography and Wiki

Christopher Kimball is an American American chef, editor, publisher, and radio and TV personality. He is outstanding as one of the originators behind America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Nation and as the maker of Christopher Kimball’s Milk Road.

Christopher Kimball Age and Birthday

Christopher Kimball Nationality and Ethnicity

What nationality is Christopher Kimball? Kimball is of American nationality by birth. He was born in Rye, New York, United States. He is of mixed ethnicity/heritage/ancestry.

Christopher Kimball Parents

Kimball is the son of Edward Norris Kimball and Mary Alice White. A cabin belonged to the family in southwest Vermont.

Christopher Kimball Wife

Kimball has had three marriages. With his second wife, Adrienne, he had a son and three children. In December 2012, they got divorced. Melissa Lee Baldino, the executive producer of the television program America’s Test Kitchen, wed Kimball on June 30, 2013. She currently serves as a founding member of Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street. On May 4, 2017, their son Oliver Kimball was born. In 2019, Rike, a daughter, was born.

Christopher Kimball Height

Kimball stands at an average height of 6 feet and 4 inches(1.95 m).

Christopher Kimball Net Worth

Kimball has an estimated net worth of $20 Million.

Christopher Kimball America’s Test Kitchen

Why did Kimball leave America’s Test Kitchen? Kimball was a co-founder of America’s Test Kitchen, which produces television and radio shows and publishes periodicals, including Cook’s Illustrated, which Kimball started in 1993. She was also its editor and publisher. Additionally, it publishes Cook’s Country, a publication that debuted in 2004. The company distinguishes itself from the competition by generating its revenue from readers rather than from ads.

Two Pigs Farm is its section that publishes cookbooks. Kimball’s publishing operations were owned by Boston Common Press, a privately held partnership between Kimball, George P. Denny III, and Eliot Wadsworth II. Additionally, Kimball served as the host of the nationally syndicated cooking programs America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country from America’s Test Kitchen. Kimball’s departure was revealed in a press statement on November 16, 2015, by Boston Common Press, the publisher of Cooks Country, Cooks Illustrated, and America’s Test Kitchen. Although Kimball had previously been featured as the host of the 2016 TV programs, his involvement with the business came to an immediate halt.

Christopher Kimball Milk Street

In Boston, Massachusetts Milk Street, Kimball established Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street in 2016. America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Illustrated’s parent company, Boston Common Press, filed a complaint against Kimball in Suffolk Superior Court on October 31, 2016, alleging that Kimball “physically and conceptually ripped off” his former employer.

Boston Common Press is suing Kimball, alleging that while he was still employed there, he developed his new business while exploiting their databases and recipe books to help Milk Street Kitchen become a direct rival. In August 2019, the legal dispute was resolved. Kimball sold his remaining equity to the business as part of the settlement. He was further sued by his ex-wife Adrienne who alleged his departure from Cook’s Illustrated devalued the company and affected his payments to her.

Christopher Kimball Books

Kimball is the writer of several books, including The Cook’s Bible, The Yellow Farmhouse Cookbook, Dear Charlie, The Dessert Bible, and Fannie’s Last Supper. He also writes columns for the Boston-based Tab Communications and the New York Daily News.