Jayne Brown QVC, Illness, Hair, Husband, Bio, Age, Family, Height and Net Worth

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Jayne Brown Photo
Jayne Brown Photo

Jayne Brown Biography

Jayne Brown is an American television personality currently serving as a QVC host. She is also the co-host of the fashion morning show, Early with Jayne & Pat alongside Pat James-Dementri since 2014. Previously, she served in fashion and retail before coming to QVC® as an assistant buyer in 1998.

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Jayne, known for her vibrant personality and excellent presentation skills, has been a beloved QVC host for many years. She has been instrumental in showcasing and promoting various products to QVC’s massive audience. Her ability to connect with viewers and make them feel like they are shopping with a friend has contributed to her success on the network. RELATED: Jennifer Coffey

As with many QVC hosts, Jayne likely had a diverse background before joining the network. This could include experience in broadcasting, retail, or entertainment, as these skills are essential for hosting live television shows and effectively promoting products.

QVC hosts are often responsible for introducing products, demonstrating their features and benefits, interacting with guests and experts, and assisting viewers with making purchase decisions. Their goal is to engage the audience, build excitement around products, and ultimately drive sales.

Jayne Brown Age

How old is Jayne? Jayne is 46 years old as of 2023. She was born on October 27, 1977, in West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States of America. Her birthday is always celebrated on October 27th of every year.

Jayne Nationality and Ethnicity

Brown holds American nationality and citizenship by birth. She was born and raised in West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States. She belongs to the black-American ethnicity/ancestry/heritage. RELATED: Alex Lagina

Jayne Brown Height

How tall is Jayne? She stands at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m)

Jayne Brown Family

Jayne was born and raised in West Chester, Pennsylvania by her mother. Details regarding her parents are unknown. Though, her mother passed away in June 2016. She has a sister by the name of Cathy.

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Jayne Brown Husband

Is Jayne married? Jayne is currently married to her husband James Brown. The couple got married through a private wedding ceremony held in 1988. The couple are proud parents to two adult daughters Lauren and Chelsea.

Jayne Brown Illness

There have been speculations around the internet regarding Jayne’s health, and many people were concerned and believed that she was sick and had cancer. Luckily, however, those rumors turned out to be fake, as the broadcast hostess is healthy and happy. RELATED: Cyreia Sandlin

Jayne Brown Salary

Brown working as a host at QVC earns an estimated annual salary of $89,500.

Jayne Brown Net Worth

Jayne is an American television personality with an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Jayne Brown QVC

In 1988, Jayne became a part of QVC (Quality Value Convenience), a multi-media shopping channel, where she started as an assistant buyer. From that moment on, her career took off like a rocket. Today, she stands as one of the most renowned hosts on the network. Among her notable ventures on QVC is “Afternoons With Jayne and Pat,” a prominent show she co-hosts with Pat James DeMentri.

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