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Safra Catz Photo
Safra Catz Photo

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Safra Catz Biography and Wiki

Safra Catz is an American technology executive and billionaire banker well known as the CEO of Oracle Corporation, an American multinational computer technology corporation headquartered in Austin, Texas. She joined Oracle Corporation in 2001 as a board member, in 1999, she became an executive and later in September 2019, she was named the CEO. She also served as a co-president and chief financial officer (CFO) at Oracle.

Safra Catz Education

Safra attained her high school diploma from Brookline High School. She then joined the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1983. She also received her J.D. in 1986 from the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Safra Catz Age and Birthday

How old is Safra Catz? Safra is 62 years old as of 2023. She was born Safra Ada Catz on December 1, 1961, in Holon, Israel. Her birthday is always celebrated on December 1st of every year.

Safra Catz Nationality and Ethnicity

Catz belongs to the Jewish ethnicity/heritage/ancestry. She holds dual nationality of Israeli-American. She was born in Holon, Israel and grew up in Brookline, Massachusetts.

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Safra Catz Height

How tall is Safra? Safra stands at an average height of 5’10” (1.73 m).

Safra Catz Family

Safra is the daughter of (father) Leonard Catz and (mother) Judith Catz. Safra was born in Holon, Israel but her parents migrated to Brookline, Massachusetts, United States when at the age of six. Her parents are of Jewish ethnicity and her father was a migrant from Romania.

Safra Catz Husband

Is Safra Catza married? Safra is happily married to her husband Gal Tirosh, an Israeli born-American, Palo Alto High School soccer coach and writer. The couple got married officially through a wedding ceremony held in 1997.

Safra Catz Sons

Safra and her husband Gal are proud parents of two sons namely Gary Tirosh and Scott Tirosh. More information about their sons is currently under review. Though their sons are currently schooling.

Safra Catz Compensation | Salary

How much does the CEO of Oracle make? Safra working as a CEO at Oracle Corporation made $138,192,032 in total compensation. $950,000 of compensation was received as a salary, $7,799,355 was received as a bonus, $129,275,000 was received in stock options and $167,677 came from other types of compensation.

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Safra Catz Net Worth

Safra Catz is an American technology executive and billionaire bank with a net worth of $1.6 billion.

Safra Catz House

Safra and her husband Gal are believed to own a beautiful huge mansion. Though sources reveal that the couple sold their Los Altos Hills residence mansion through a family trust. The worth of their residence was $9.75 million, according to documents on file with the Santa Clara County Recorder’s Office.

Safra Catz Leadership Style

What type of leader is Safra Catz? Safra’s corporate reputation has included quiet leadership, particularly during her time at Oracle. Despite her long service to the company, she remains a business mystery, and she is something of a mystery even within the company. She rarely gives interviews, and when she does, they are usually for business purposes. Some theories about why she avoids interviews suggest that her background as an investment banker taught her to divert attention away from the client – in her case, Oracle’s popular former CEO.

Safra Catz Oracle

In April 1999, Catz joined Oracle Corporation. In October 2001, Catz joined the company’s board of directors and was named president at the beginning of 2004. She is credited with driving Oracle’s efforts in 2005 to acquire PeopleSoft, a software rival, for $10.3 billion. From November 2005 to September 2008 and from April 2011 to the present, Catz also serves as the company’s CFO. In 2010, Mark Hurd became her co-president. Oracle announced in December 2019 that Catz would be Hurd’s sole CEO.

She was named the 12th most powerful woman in business by Fortune in 2009. Forbes ranked her as the 16th most powerful businesswoman in 2009. She was ranked 24th in 2014 She was the highest-paid woman among Fortune 1000 companies in 2011 with an estimated total compensation of US$51,695,742, according to an Equilar analysis published by Fortune.

At Stanford Graduate School of Business, Catz teaches accounting. From 2008 to 2015, Catz served as an HSBC director. Catz was one of several well-known CEOs, along with Tim Cook, Sheryl Sandberg, and Jeff Bezos, who was invited to meet with the newly elected president to discuss the possibility of joining the new administration. Bloomberg reports that she was considered for the position of Director of National Intelligence or U.S. Trade Representative.

As of April 2017, Catz was the highest-paid female CEO of any U.S. company, earning $40.9 million despite receiving 23% less in total compensation than in 2016. Catz was appointed to The Walt Disney Company’s board of directors in December 2017, with effect from February 2018.

Catz gained attention in March 2021 for her stock trading, when she bought 2.25 million shares by converting derivatives into shares and then sold them on the open market for roughly twice as much.