Alycia Tyre Bio, Age, Ethnicity, Family, Parents, Boyfriend, Dating, Net Worth, Sahlt YouTube Channel

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Alycia Tyre
Alycia Tyre

Alycia Tyre Biography

Alycia Tyre is a California-based social media celebrity and vlogger who enjoys makeup, beauty, and fashion. She has a large following on YouTube and Instagram, where she promotes her beauty and fashion videos and gives glimpses into her daily life. Alycia is known as Sahlt throughout her vlogging career, and her fan base is known as “Sahlt Squad.”

Alycia Tyre Career

Alycia’s captivating features and charm have resulted in a slew of prominent social media sites, but her Instagram page and YouTube channel are the most popular. Alycia maintains these two pages on a regular basis to keep in touch with her subscribers and admirers, as well as provide information on her personal life. Alycia is a well-known celebrity who began her career with a few YouTube videos before branching out to become an active Instagrammer. She has stated that she uses her channels to promote products she enjoys and that this is her full-time job. Sahlt is the name of her YouTube channel, which she created in January 2015.

There are currently over 350k subscribers and over 2 million views on the channel. She launched her channel by uploading a number of videos, most of which were about beauty and makeup. She became well-known very immediately. Her fans are particularly interested in her personal life and style. Her topics frequently include topics that millennials are interested in discussing, such as anxiety, vacations, shopping hauls, and relationships. She has over 14 tattoos on her body, and videos about her tattoos and their meanings receive a higher number of views than other videos. Alycia Tyre chose to follow in the footsteps of other social media celebrities by being open and honest in her channel.

She has two ‘Most Honest Q & A?!’ videos where she tells viewers about her life and experiences. Prior to this, she was active on Tumblr, where she frequently responded to her teenage fans seeking relationship advice. She interacts with her audience by replying to their queries through videos, in addition to her usual postings about beauty, trips, and relationships. She has a huge following on Instagram. She started using Instagram in 2016 and now has over 300 followers. Alycia has over 1 million followers on Instagram and uploads daily tales about her daily activities and interests. She appears in luxury clothing in the majority of her posts. Her endorsements on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube provide her with money as a celebrity.

Alycia Tyre Age

How old is Tyre? Sahlt is 25 years old as of November 11, 2021. She was born in 1996 in California, United States of America.

Alycia Tyre Nationality | Ethnicity

What ethnicity is Tyre? she belongs to a mixed ethnicity/heritage, she was born and raised in California the United States and she holds American nationality.

Alycia Tyre Parents | Siblings | Family

Tyre was born in the state of California on November 11, 1996. Her parents come from a diverse background that includes Russian, French, Irish, and African-American roots. Sophia is Alycia’s middle name, and her mother’s name is Sophia.

Alycia Tyre Boyfriend | Relationships

In the year 2018, she began dating rapper YBN Nahmir. She dated fellow American YouTube celebrity Yousef Erakat in 2016 before starting this relationship. While it lasted, Yousef and Sahlt’s relationship was the topic of conversation among their fans.

Klaus Bausch, a fellow Instagram star, was Alycia’s first acknowledged romantic connection. Sahlt and Bausch’s relationship, like her connection with Yousef, was a big topic among their fans. They used to make videos together and submit them on her YouTube channel, Sahlt.

Alycia Tyre Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million. Alycia has sponsorship relationships with advertisers who pay her for her postings because she has over a million Instagram followers and publishes about beauty and fashion attire.