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Charles Saatchi Photo
Charles Saatchi Photo

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Charles Saatchi Biography and Wiki

Charles Saatchi is a British-Iraqi businessman who co-founded the advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi with his brother Maurice. In addition, Saatchi is well-known for his art collection and ownership of the Saatchi Gallery. He is also well-known for sponsoring the Young British Artists (YBAs), which include Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin, among others.

Charles Saatchi Education

Saatchi went to Christ’s School, a syntax school in Finchley, north London. He became obsessed with American pop culture during this time, including Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and Elvis Presley’s music. The experience of seeing a Jackson Pollock painting at the Museum of Modern Art in New York has been described by him as “life-changing.”After that, he moved on to the London College of Communication to study.

Charles Saatchi Age and Birthday

Saatchi is 79 years old as of 2022. He was born on 9 June 1943 in Baghdad, Iraq. He celebrates his birthday on 9 June every year.

Charles Saatchi Nationality and Ethnicity

Saatchi is of British nationality by birth. He was born in Baghdad, Iraq. He is of Jewish ethnicity. READ ALSO: Tim Cook

Charles Saatchi Family

Saatchi was born to wealthy parents Nathan Saatchi and Daisy Ezer. The brothers of Saatchi are David, Philip, and Maurice. His father, a textile merchant, relocated his family to Finchley, north London, in anticipation that the flight that tens of thousands of Iraqi Jews were going to take would soon make it difficult for them to avoid persecution.

Charles Saatchi Wife

Doris Lockhart Dibley and Saatchi first met in 1965, when she was a copy group head above him at Benton & Bowles. She was an art and design journalist who specialty in minimalism and American art. From 1990 to 2001, he was married to Kay Hartenstein, an American Condé Nast advertising executive from Little Rock, Arkansas. Phoebe, their daughter, was born to them both. Nigella Lawson, a British journalist, author, and cook, wed Charles Saatchi in 2003. The couple’s impending divorce was announced in early July of the same year. The same year, Saatchi started dating Trinny Woodall, an author and businesswoman from England who specializes in the beauty industry.

Charles Saatchi Abuse

Saatchi was captured with his hands around Lawson’s throat in June 2013 while they were dining at Scott’s, a seafood restaurant in London. Saatchi said the pictures were false and only showed a “playful tiff” the day after they were published. After an investigation by the police, he accepted the formal caution for assault voluntarily.

Charles Saatchi House

Saatchi turned his own home into a seven-bedroom dream home.The couple transformed their £12.3 million property into a seven-bedroom dream home with a lot of money spent on it.Planning permission was granted for them to dig a basement conversion and rebuild a significant portion of the former gas engineering works.The kitchen, which Miss Lawson used as a studio for her TV cooking shows in 2010, cost £500,000.

Charles Saatchi ART Collection

Saatchi bought his first piece of art by New York minimalist Sol LeWitt in 1969 when he was 26 years old. In the beginning, Saatchi went to the Lisson Gallery in London’s Marylebone, which specialized in American minimalist art. He later purchased Robert Mangold’s entire show. At 98A Boundary Road in the residential London suburb of St John’s Wood, Saatchi purchased a 30,000 sq ft (2,800 m2) cement-floored and steel-girded warehouse in the early 1980s. Max Gordon, the architect, turned the building into the Saatchi Gallery, which showed the art Saatchi had collected and opened to the public in February 1985. At a certain point, the Saatchi assortment contained 11 works by Donald Judd, 21 by Sol LeWitt, 23 by Anselm Kiefer, 17 by Andy Warhols, and 27 by Julian Schnabel.

From American abstraction and minimalism to the Young British Artists (YBAs), whose work he first encountered at Goldsmiths’ Art School, his taste has evolved. Saatchi bought A Thousand Years, Damien Hirst’s first major “animal” installation, at the YBAs’ Gambler exhibition in 1990. He acquired significant works by Hirst and Marc Quinn in 1991, helping to launch their careers. His status as a patron reached its height in 1997 when a portion of his collection was exhibited as part of the exhibition Sensation at the Royal Academy. The exhibition then traveled to Berlin and New York, causing headlines and causing some offense (such as to the families of children murdered by Myra Hindley, who was depicted in one of the works), and it strengthened the positions of Hirst, Emin, and other YBAs.

His book, My Name Is Charles Saatchi And I Am An Artoholic, came out in 2009. It presents Saatchi’s responses to a number of questions posed by members of the public and journalists and is titled “Everything You Need To Know About Art, Ads, Life, God, And Other Mysteries And Weren’t Afraid To Ask.”

He hosted a BBC television show called “School of Saatchi” from November to December 2009, in which he gave young artists who wanted to be artists a chance to show off their work. He only interacted with an assistant and did not appear in the show. The Saatchi Gallery and over 200 works of art would be donated to the British public by Charles Saatchi in July 2010.

The Saatchi Display highlighted in a rundown of the most visited workmanship historical centers on the planet, in view of a participation overview for 2014, gathered by The Craftsmanship Paper, with 1,505,608 guests. According to the same survey, the gallery has hosted 15 of London’s 20 most popular exhibitions over the past five years. Phoebe Saatchi-Yates, the daughter of Charles Saatchi, and her husband, Arthur Yates, opened Saatchi Yates in London’s Cork Street in October 2020.

Charles Saatchi Books

  • Looking Over Your Opponent’s Shoulder
  • Charles Saatchi: Question
  • My Name Is Charles Saatchi And I Am An Artoholic
  • Be the Worst You Can be: Life’s Too Long for Patience and Virtue
  • The Naked Eye
  • Babble
  • Known Unknowns
  • DEAD, A Celebration of Mortality
  • Beyond Belief: Racist, Sexist, Rude, Crude and Dishonest: The Golden Age of Madison Avenue.