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Ye Photo
Ye Photo

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Ye Biography and Wiki

Ye is an American rapper who also makes music, produces records, and designs clothes. He is recognized by many as one of the greatest hip-hop artists of all time.

Ye Eduation

After living in Chicago, West attended Polaris School for Individual Education in the suburb of Oak Lawn, Illinois, where he was raised in a middle-class household. When West was ten years old, his mother relocated to Nanjing, China, where she was a Fulbright Scholar and taught at Nanjing University. West’s mother claims that despite being the only outsider in his class, he adjusted well and took up the language rapidly, albeit he has now lost most of it.

I got A’s and B’s in high school,” West remarked when asked about his grades. West started studying painting classes at Chicago’s American Academy of Art in 1997 after receiving a scholarship to do so after high school. He soon transferred to Chicago State University to pursue an English degree.

Ye Age and Birthday

Ye is 45 years old as of 2022. He was born Kanye Omari West on 8 June 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. He celebrates his birthday on 8 June every year.

Ye Nationality and Ethnicity

What is Kanye’s ethnicity? He is of American nationality by birth. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. He is from a middle-class African-American family. READ ALSO: Patti LaBelle

Ye Real Name

West submitted an application to have his legal name changed from Kanye Omari West to Ye on August 24, 2021; he did not include a middle or last name. West stated “personal reasons” for the name change. On October 18, the request was granted. Since 2018, West has hinted that he wants to alter his name, and for many years before that, he went by the nickname Ye.

Ye Parents | Siblings and Family

When Ye was three years old, his parents got a divorce, and he relocated to Chicago, Illinois, with his mother. Former Black Panther Ray West, his father, was one of the first black photojournalists employed by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Ray then changed his profession to that of a Christian counselor, and in 2006, with startup funding from his son, he built the Good Water Store and Café in Lexington Park, Maryland. Before retiring to become West’s manager, West’s mother, Dr. Donda C. West, was a professor of English at Clark Atlanta University and the chair of the English department at Chicago State University.

Ye and Kim Kardashian | Children

West had been friends with reality television star Kim Kardashian for a long time before they started dating in April 2012. Kardashian and West got engaged in October 2013, and they wed on May 24, 2014, at Fort di Belvedere in Florence.

North West, born in June 2013, Saint West, born in December 2015, Chicago West, born through surrogate in January 2018, and Psalm West, born through surrogate in May 2019, are their four children. Due to the couple’s high-profile status and successful individual careers, there has been extensive media attention on their relationship. West took issue with the fact that the mainstream media covered their private ceremony extensively. West made the permanent relocation to Chicago to set up the Yeezy corporate headquarters public in September 2018.

Ye Relationships

Designer Alexis Phifer and West started dating intermittently in 2002; they were engaged in August 2006. 2008 saw the end of the couple’s 18-month engagement. From then until the summer of 2010, West dated the model Amber Rose. Actress Julia Fox announced her relationship with West in an essay for Interview in January 2022. Despite the connection, he openly criticized comedian Pete Davidson, who is now dating reality star Kim Kardashian, and kept saying that he wanted his “family back.” Commentators have called his treatment of Davidson and Kardashian an instance of abusive relationships and “harassment,” and the 64th Annual Grammy Awards dropped him as a performer in reaction to his “concerning online behavior.”

Less than two months after Fox publicly acknowledged her and West’s romance, she disclosed that they had broken up but were still friendly. She later said that the only reason she dated West during the COVID-19 outbreak was to “give folks something to talk about.”

Ye Height

Ye stands at an average height of 5 feet 8 inches or 1.9 m.

Ye Net Worth

How Kanye West is so rich? Ye has an estimated net worth of 2 billion USD.

Ye Fashion

He was offered a shoe deal by Nike in 2009, making him the first non-athlete to receive one. He worked with M/M Paris in 2011 to produce a line of silk scarves that used illustrations from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. At Paris Fashion Week on October 1, 2011, Kanye West debuted his women’s clothing line, DW Kanye West. Dean and Dan Caten of DSquared2, Olivier Theyskens, Jeremy Scott, Azzedine Alaa, and the Olsen twins were all supportive of him. 2015 saw the debut of Season 1 of West’s Yeezy Season apparel line, which was created in partnership with Adidas.

One of the most well-known sneaker brands in the world is Kanye West’s Yeezy. West debuted his “Kids Supply” clothing line for kids in 2017, and in July of that same year, a second collection was made available. Influencers dressed as Kim Kardashian clones to promote YEEzy Season 6 on Instagram in January 2018. West agreed to a 10-year contract with GAP in May 2021, and his association with the company would terminate in 2022.

Ye Fashion show

Forbes called his decision to wear a shirt with the message “WHITE LIVES MATTER” during his Yeezy SZN 9 fashion show on October 3, 2022 in Paris, a contentious one. The phrase, according to the Anti-Defamation League, was developed in reaction to Black Lives Matter demonstrations against police brutality. In a photo with West, conservative commentator Candace Owens wore a shirt with the same phrase. “Everyone knows that Black Lives Matter was a fraud now that it’s done, you’re welcome,” West said in a narrative he shared on Instagram after the event.

Ye Mental Health

He discusses using the antidepressant drug Lexapro in his song “FML” and in his featured verse on Vic Mensa’s song “U Mad,” and in his unofficially released song “I Feel Like That,” he mentions experiencing many typical symptoms of depression and anxiety. All of these tracks were created during West’s sessions for The Life of Pablo.

On November 19, 2016, he said, “Before prematurely stopping a show, “Call me, bruh, Jay-Z. You haven’t phoned me yet. I am aware that Jay-Z has murderers. Do not direct them at my head, please. Just give me a call. Talk to me with a manly tone.” He was admitted to the UCLA Medical Center the next day due to hallucinations and paranoia. Contrary to early accounts, West was actually coerced into going to the hospital by officials; he wasn’t truly transported there against his will.

While West’s illness was first attributed to “temporary psychosis” brought on by dehydration and lack of sleep, his mental state was odd enough for his insurance to pay for the 21 gigs he had to cancel. He apparently experienced paranoia and depression the entire time he was in the hospital, but he never received a formal diagnosis. Some have hypothesized that his wife’s robbery in Paris may have caused the phobia. West was discharged from the hospital on November 30.

In a 2018 interview, West claimed that after receiving an opioid prescription following liposuction, he developed an addiction to them. His breakdown in 2016 may have been caused in part by the addiction. West claimed that he frequently has suicidal thoughts. West revealed that he had bipolar disorder in a 2019 interview with David Letterman.

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Ye Religion

When asked about his beliefs following the popularity of the song “Jesus Walks” from the album The College Dropout, West responded, “I will say that I’m spiritual. I’ve given Jesus my all-in as my Savior. I’ll also admit that I struggle every day. I’m like a vessel, and God has selected me to be the voice and the connector, West said in a 2008 interview with The Fader. West acknowledged his belief in God but said that he “would never dive into a religion” in an interview with the online magazine Bossip from 2009. West identified himself as a Christian in 2014 while performing.

Kim Kardashian outlined Kanye West’s conversion to Christianity in September 2019: “It was a very private endeavor that only friends and family were involved in, and Kanye started it in an effort to actually cure himself. His transformation into a new person after receiving Christ’s salvation has been astounding.” In regard to his past, West stated in October 2019: “The “god of ego, god of money, god of pride, and the god of fame drove me crazy when I was trying to serve numerous gods,” and “I didn’t even know what it meant to be saved,” but now “I love Jesus Christ.” I cherish Christianity.”

When asked if he would consider himself a Christian music artist now that he had fully embraced Christianity during a surprise appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to discuss his album Jesus Is King, West responded, “I’m simply a Christian everything.”