Pastor Creflo Dollar Ministeries, Net Worth, Churches, Sermon, Age, Wife and Family

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Creflo Dollar Photo
Creflo Dollar Photo

Creflo Dollar Biography and Wiki

Creflo Dollar is an American pastor and founder of the non-denominational Christian World Transformers Church Global in School Park, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Dollar additionally heads the Creflo Dollar Ecclesiastical Affiliation (previously called Global Agreement Services), Creflo Dollar Services, and Bolt Records.

Creflo Dollar Age and Birthday

How old is Creflo? Creflo is 62 years old as of 2024. He was born Creflo Augustus Dollar Jr on 28 January 1962 in College Park, Georgia, United States. He celebrates his birthday on 28th January of every year.

Creflo Dollar Nationality and Ethnicity

Creflo holds American nationality and citizenship by birth. He was born in College Park, Georgia, United States. She is of mixed ethnicity/heritage/ancestry. READ: Robert Kiyosaki

Creflo Dollar Parents

Creflo is the son of Creflo Augustus Dollar, Sr., and Emma Dollar.

Creflo Dollar Wife | Children

Dollar is happily married to his wife Taffi L. Dollar. The couple has five children; Gregory Dollar, Lauren Dollar, Jordan Dollar, Jeremy Dollar, and Alexandria Dollar. They reside in Atlanta, Georgia.

Creflo Dollar Arrest

Did Creflo get arrested? In June 2012, Dollar was captured for a supposed assault on his fifteen-year-old girl, as per the Fayette District, Georgia, Sheriff’s Office. Dollar was blamed for gagging and punching the young lady, a story verified by Dollar’s more established girl, and Fayette Province police delivered subtleties of a resulting emergency call. The charges were dropped in January 2013 after he went to outrage the executive’s classes.

Creflo Dollar Ministries

Dollar started creating World Transformers Services Christian Center in 1986. He held the congregation’s most memorable love administration in the cafeteria of Kathleen Mitchell Primary School in School Park, with eight individuals in participation. He later renamed the service World Transformers Church Global (WCCI), and the gathering moved from the cafeteria to a devoted sanctuary. Four administrations were held every Sunday, and Creflo added a week-by-week radio station. READ: Elie Honig

On December 24, 1995, WCCI moved into its current area, the 8,500-seat office known as the World Arch. The congregation has said that the almost $20 million World Vault was worked with no bank support. Starting around 2007, the assembly revealed having around 30,000 individuals, and $70 million in income (gross money assortments) for 2006.

In October 2012, Creflo Dollar Services rented Loews Heaven Theater in The Bronx for another congregation area in New York. Dollar likewise talks at meetings and expounds on his good news of abundance and his association with televangelism.

Creflo Dollar House

Creflo’s home is in the edges of Atlanta, Georgia, in a rural area named Fayetteville. Arranged on his 182.9 sections of land of property (he possesses 2 connecting properties), the fantastically gigantic 17,017 square foot home has an enormous roundabout carport in the forecourt and a noteworthy entranceway to invite family and visitors.

Creflo Dollar house Atlanta is worth an expected $3.4 million and is encircled by a huge wall and stone walls. The terrace has a pool and enormous wellspring to highlight the huge field of land. It is put far down a long carport which gives the family their genuinely necessary security. READ: Joseph Prince

The house was initially worked in 1996 and has since been revamped by the Dollar family. The first home was not the current “U” shape. At the point when they bought the house it was A lot more modest. They included the 2 wings on either side. They likewise own an apartment suite in Buckhead, Atlanta which has 5 lavish rooms, 4 washrooms, an expert suite with a confidential spa and a different dressing region, and a roof-to-floor marble chimney.

The Dollar family likewise has a home in Bergen, New Jersey which is arranged on a confidential bequest and costs $2.1 million. Despite the fact that it is a manor, it has 2 rooms, 3 washrooms, a lift, a pool, floor-to-roof windows, and an exceptional kitchen and a lovely living region.

Creflo Dollar Church

Dollar’s fundamental church is in School Park, which is a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. The congregation in GA serves around 30,000 individuals. He likewise has a World Transformers Church in New York, which has north of 6,000 individuals.

Individuals who aren’t sufficiently close to going to both of these areas can go to one of their chosen areas to watch the service by means of a live stream. These are known as satellite temples. Creflo’s satellite temples spread across many states in America, and carry on inside Canada. You could in fact go to a satellite church to watch the message stream in London, Britain, and Johannesburg, South Africa.